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Originally Posted by EscondeR View Post
FAQ updated
many thx, Alex
Originally Posted by rr_carroll View Post
Are you implying there's some way to run TR2 besides leaving the disk in the drive all the time? If so, what do you do?
afaict, even if I never really tried, the only way could be through an image, possibly a plain .iso which one would be supposed to load, but certainly not via dosbox this time (dosbox would have no clue how to handle TR2 and 3). Mounting through a virtual cd for windows application would probably do.

Originally Posted by TRfan23 View Post
so I can use my original TR1 Sold out CD instead of the custom one I had to make for missing soundtracks
so glad to hear that as it's just what I was hoping for
Originally Posted by TRfan23 View Post
Maybe if you can get permission from Eidos, you could implement a disc check once so you won't need the disc in the drive after the first check from then on.
I know, I'd be happy to, but you see they're not gonna let me/us/anyone
actually so it goes that just the opposite pattern will rule: the installer itself pays no heed to whatever the cd drive hosts, the cd checks must be passed instead each time the game starts


although I already did a couple video tutorials about these installers available here:
under optional software
using Wink, same freeware I made my dosbox primers/tutorials with,

now I felt like making another one, 49-second video which I youtubed here:
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