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I can only welcome and applause for this effort. And I can't understand people who possibly say that they are happy with current state of the game, and this is why:

1. As already said by Caesum, TR5 is still Win9x application. It's only a matter of time before we can't use it with modern hardware. What's the point of having broken binary which only works through virtual machine or with quirky workarounds like compatibility modes or 16-bit color depth (say hi to winroomedit)?

2. TR5 is the less known engine in old-school TR engine family. File formats are less known, internal processing is less known, lots of stuff altered, replaced, lots of workarounds were written, and so on. Decompiling it will clarify many things that are currently vaguely known.

3. As we already have TR1 and TR2 decompilation projects in progress, having TR5 decompilation is like pinning down whole engine family from both sides - that is, if you have decompiled TR1 or TR2 and decompiled TR5, it means that you (sort of) decompiled TR3 and TR4 as well Also, as said by Caesum, it will be a great benefit for developing OT/OL engines.

4. Don't forget about some stupid TR5 bugs, especially in final section. You will finally get the chance to fix them.

All in all, decompiling original engine always foreshadow great changes. Updated compatibility, graphics, ability to fork "vanilla" engine into new one, etc. etc. But decompiling is the hardest thing, it's really easier to write engine from scratch than decompiling existing one. Fortunately, from what I see, progress is quite fast. So my best wishes to the team!
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