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I'm playing on pc and a few things i noticed is that

1: laras flashlight follows the players view and NOT laras body. so she can turn 180 degrees without the light even moving an inch

2: pure hair even when turned on normal turns to low at specific portions of the game (not in the options just clearly visually). the first time i noticed it is right after the first swimming with piranhas section, after coming out and following the jungle the hair quality dropped on its own. changing it back and fourth doesnt help. only photo mode changes it back to higher quality but it also goes away again when you leave photo mode.

i think this comes from the console versions and wasnt changed for pc? i would like that to change since im playing on pc on a reason and dont want character models to go low poly in bigger areas. i really hope this gets a change

dunno where else to post it. from a technical side the game is great for now. i didnt have any problems like frame drops or stuff like that yet.
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