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Originally Posted by renspyro View Post
In the past, Crystal Dynamics added all the 20th Anniversary content (launched day one on the PS4 version) to the season pass owners of PC and One without extra charge.

I'm sure this could've a similar scenario so DLC 8 should be part of season pass at all... If not, Eidos would get even more hate
This ^ I remember getting the upgrade to 20th anniversary content for just having the season pass, the entire Croft Manor VR mission was also given to PC players for free.

Originally Posted by pharaea View Post

Are you sure we're talking about the same company?
They do make stupid choices(EM) but we are talking about adding a monetary sum behind one of the upcoming dlcs, which btw is under square enix,
and they don't want additional flak for this game than it already received.
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