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How strange. Just recently, I have been experiencing a very similar issue, if not the exact, only it's happening with TR4/TRLE and TR2 (I don't have TR5 installed). It just started happening seemingly out of the blue; nothing has changed with my Windows 7 settings. In fact, I have updates turned off, but yet something has changed. Are you running Windows 7?

Like you, I click to launch the game/s and they do not launch, the process just hangs, alongside Rundll32. Running a 2nd time will then launch the game, but memory isn't freed up from the first launch attempt, plus a dllhost32 continues to loop following this.

I did some research and it appears this has been a problem in the past, not just with TR, but with older games in general. I saw multiple posts online stating the same symptoms of having to run games twice or having to kill processes. Then I noticed people mentioning something about the "games explorer" in Windows 7, a feature I totally forgot existed and never use. Some people were claiming that the reason why a game doesn't launch the first time, could be due to the options that have been set in the games explorer in which it tries to obtain game info from the internet and, if there is no active internet connection, the game you want to launch will fail to do so. But this cannot be the sole reason as I have an active connection 95% of the time, and this has only become an issue in the last week or so.

I'm stumped with this one.
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