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Windows 7 (64bit) too.

As this behaviour for me is very new my immediately thought was actually not TR but that either it was something in the MS monthly updates I'd installed a couple of weeks ago. I too have those turned off but unless they are identified as snooping or telemetry gathering I, usually, install them later manually.

But whatever this is it is unique to my TR5 installation.

Interesting that you mention Game Explorer I think that by default Win7 installed games are added to the: "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Games" folder and launched from there using shortcuts.

I now think it maybe a Games Explorer issue: I normally use a Start Menu shortcut to access that folder but I've found if I launch Games Explorer from Win7 Start > Games (right side menu) between Music and Computer the CPU shows Windows Explorer use goes up to 60% and stays there. Even if you exit the folder the CPU use does not drop.

I checked Task Manager and there are two explorer.exe instances, presumably the second is actually the Games Explorer. It showed the process as using 55% - 60% so I ended the task and everything went back to normal. Retried Start > Games and the problem repeats.

This is the problem EXE name/location (probably Games Explorer):-

C:\Windows\explorer.exe /factory,{ceff45ee-c862-41de-aee2-a022c81eda92} -Embedding File

and this is the main Windows Explorer EXE


They are both shown as running process in Task Manager. As said if I terminate the first instances the CPU use drops back from almost 100% to normal. It is the clearly the culprit.

But if this is some Games Explorer issue why is it not affecting other games in that folder?


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