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Originally Posted by croftyboy View Post
Can you extract the texture so we can have a better look at the writings?

Also the last word is "Amen" so it makes me think that those might be some verses of the Bible.
I will try Ninja Ripper. Don't know if I'll succeed though because I will try this for the first time

EDIT: In the second image, I managed to find the name "Yekaterina Kulkoff" in the bottom.
It looks like Yekaterina is a family member or firiend of one of the developers. Here is the credits from GoL.

Pause at 3:34

Another word I found was OBIIT which means "death" in Latin.

Found another name. Christopher Webb. He's an environment artist.
So I guess that the upper part has some staff names. I'm really curious what the bottom part means.
All I can see is "TORIS OVI OBIIT ANNO BEO VIES" but that hardly makes any sense. Google translate is talking about some "dead eggs" lmao
Φιλας την αναπηρη?

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