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Yet again someone has written into Gamecentral for the third time saying that they would like to see co-op return to Resident Evil albeit in a way that preserves the horror atmosphere better than 5 or 6.

Bringing co-op back to Resident Evil is a bad idea, any amount of co-op would make the game less scary for example Dead Space 3 having that other guy fight Necromorphs alongside Isaac took all the scares out of the game.

Leave co-op to Call of Duty and other similar games and let Resident Evil be Resident Evil without adding unnecessary co-op, co-op IMO just doesn't work with a game like Resident Evil sometimes less is more, not every game needs co-op and unnecessarily bolting co-op onto a game that doesn't need it is a bad idea.

The only two times I played co-op in Resident Evil were a disaster, it was the Jill and Wesker boss fight in RE5 the idiot I was playing with shot Jill twice with a rocket launcher.

Having someone there to help when you are in a tough spot removes any tension and scares from the game, better to go it alone IMO.
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