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Originally Posted by AODfan View Post
Works great
I noticed "Secrets" and "Time Taken" don't get translated in UB while they do get translated in TR1. Is this a bug?
You're right, it's a bug, I didn't notice this error

You can fix it manually: Open the file "locale\strings.txt", go to lines 156 and 157 and replace this:
0056 453F40 41D40D 41D449
0057 453F50 41D4EA
By this:
0056 453F40 41D40D 41D446
0057 453F50 41D4AE
Or you can re-download the Locale Pack

Originally Posted by AODfan View Post
I also noticed that, in the german translation, the "Ornate Key" was translated to "Der antike Schlüssel".
It should either be "Verzierter Schlüssel" or "Ornament Schlüssel".
The former would be the correct translation but the latter was used in TR2 for the Ornate Key in Opera House
I ripped the original texts in German. Only "Lautstärke Einstellen" & "Detailstufe Wählen" were changed to "Lautstärke" & "Detail Wählen" (Because they were so long) "Auflösung: %s", "Bilinear: %s" & "Perspektive: %s" were translated by barracuda415

Originally Posted by AODfan View Post
Speaking of the german translation, someone should update it. We've had a few changes since the game was released and it's hurting my eyes
I'll try to do it when I get the time
I didn't know about it You can do a revision or a re-translation if you want We can keep both versions If you need some help ask to me

PS: Remember the game "Encoding":
)a  -> á (Acute accent)
$a  -> à (Grave accent)
(a  -> â (Circumflex accent)
~a  -> ä (Dieresis/Umlaut accent)
=   -> ß (Eszett)
Working in TR1 & TR2 Translations.

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