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Originally Posted by Chamayoo View Post
In Underworld ? When a good amount of time Lara is talking to her camera ? The only game to not feature any QTE since Legend ? And before all the cinematic setpieces in the reboot games ?
Maybe I agree with you compare to the Classics.
Been a time since I played the game but let me try and remember some.

Lara's fights with the doppelganger are all cinematic

There is this scene with Lara's zombie mother; it is all a cutscene
I wanted the interaction to be a gameplay and I have a decision of hat to do; shoot the stupid mother or not

When Amanda throws the bracelet into the sea; Lara jumps and gets it back in a cutscene

She reads RJC on a tree trunk in Thailand and knows who RJC is

A cutscene takes you directly to an underground croft manor, and Lara finds that button that opens the coffin.

If you look deeply into the game, it has many cutscenes that should have been playable instead.
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