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Default Fun Fact - Level Skip

Did y'all know that on the PS2 and Wii ports of Underworld, you can bypass the first 3 levels?

Basically when you get to the end of Croft Manor, instead of jumping down to see zip, perform a dive into the fire that's blocking the pathway. It will then let you get into the control room, playing the doppelgänger cutscene and then straight to Southern Mexico.

Not sure if this glitch has been discovered before but I just remembered doing it years ago back when I first got the game. It doesn't work on the next gen ports, probably because they made sure to kill Lara if she crosses the path, but since the PS2 port was rushed I guess they forgot.

I doubt anyone would want to use this trick, seeing as Mediterranean and Thailand are the highlights of the game haha but try it for fun

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