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a little addition coming up
although I'm fully aware that (provided a small Melvillian quote is expedient) this is only bound to be worth the consideration of those to whom it may prove worth considering

after delivering the latest tiny refurbishment it occurred to me I could still improve a bit the performance of the game launching procedure, aside from what already worked upon in v1.7.7.3
namely the 8 to 11 second standby after the shortcut click that it takes (for me at least, obv. it's pretty hardware dependent) to get started, gets trimmed by 40% or so afaict

admittedly it's about a handful of seconds no more, but still.. it all adds up in the end

this is only to say I'm not going to recompile all for that, much less so to label a new "version"
if someone is interested (read Melville above) I can provide the couple files to try out.
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