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Originally Posted by Yeauxleaux View Post
Yeah I have no idea what went wrong in Underworld either. Considering they went on and on about "Motion capture! REALISTIC movement!" during the promotional campaign for Underworld (I remember, God they wouldn't shut up about it) the animations were probably the worst in the series, even more than the CORE games.

Actually I think in any game, animations tend to look mediocre at best when they use motion capture. It can look uncanny, or best case scenario the animations just don't look impressive or aesthetically pleasing because they're too realistic. The only games I've seen where I've liked it have been games by Naughty Dog, and I think it's because ND are always really on top of their **** when it comes to visuals, story direction/characterisation and attention to detail.
Core Games have quite good animations, some of them still holds today's standars. And speaking of PSX era, that's a lot to say. Legend and Anniversary are pleasing, but as Joey said, they are good only if you don't put too much attention.

Underworld is a mess in that regard, at least during gameplay. Cutscenes are good. Same happens in the Reboot games, they are clunky, and in Shadow it is even worse because the new animations are much better, and they clash with the old ones. I mean, the jump animations are horrible (and it is the one you are seeing the most), but swiming, rappel or the "Predator kill" one are quite good.
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