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Default Detroit Become Human - Reed900 Web-Comic

Hi guys! I thought there could be some Detroit Become Human fans over here so I wanted to share this here too. For those who are not aware of it, Reed900 is the name of Gavin and RK900's ship.

Hi, DBH fans! You’re probably wondering why I decided to make a comic focused on Gavin after seeing him acting like an *** during the entire game, especially when you know how many amazing characters DBH has in its story. Well, the first reason is that when I see villains in shows or video games, most of the time I like to think that they are not entirely evil. The second reason is that I would’ve really liked his character to be more important and more developed in the game. The third reason is that… I just wanted to make more LGBT. Also note that this web-comic will use foul language because it wouldn’t be Gavin without rudeness. I hope you enjoy it. This comic was made with the game’s original 3D model and sceneries/lighting/renders from Blender Cycles and Photoshop.
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