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Default Replacing Lara with Rollingball

This is something I have wanted to do for a while now.

AFAIK This not TRNG. As I'm only using wadmerger and strpix so far to do this.

Being able to control a rollingball or other objects would open up a new range of possibilities for puzzles. The next step if this is possible, would be to introduce a missile that explodes on contact with the target.

For now though, let's stick with the rollingball.

I have already replaced mesh 0 of Lara's model with a rollingball, I then replaced animations with that of the rollingball animation. So far, animations are glitching and not working. So I need help working out how to make it work. I'll put a video below to give a visual on where I'm at.

As you can see I've inserted the animations into the corresponding slots. So the animations for still->roll is in slot 0, continuous roll is in slot 6, rolling->still is in slot 10. Ideally I would control the ball purely along an X and Y axis so you move it either forward or left to right without turning but for now, just getting the roll animation to work would be fine.

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