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Originally Posted by TheLostSecret View Post
Because SaveGamePanel requires a handle to the image file directly, not through an Image command, hence the engine can't determine whether this is a crypted image and must be decrypted or not...
It does work though. Crypted or not.

When crypted, the image filename should start with an @.

Originally Posted by klona View Post
Is Savegamepanel the one that adds a picture to the save screen?
Because I really don't like that one since it doesn't work properly on my computer and it adds a stupid delay. I like to save quickly.
Originally Posted by TheLostSecret View Post

For me is like this: It has a very long delay for the first pop up, but after that, it becomes faster in loading the image... maybe playing around with "Emergency Settings" solves the problem somehow... for me is set to Soft Full Screen...
Perhaps using SPF_PRELOAD_BKG_IMAGE would help?
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