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Default Tomb raider 4 texture bug

Hello Guys,

I have a huge problem with Tomb raider 4...

I never had any trouble playing TR4 on my setup (Windows 10, 1080 screen 144hz), I played customs level or tr4 steam version.

I think that I may have created the bug while trying to fix TR3 display a few months ago (last time I played TR)

Now, nothing with tr4 works, there's a bug with textures, happening on any customs levels or tr4 steam version (freshly redownloaded to try)

Here what it looks like :

Do anybody knows how to fix that? I surely screwed with adaptation programs while trying to play tr3 (And I uninstalled the programs since...)
Or maybe there's nothing to do with it?

I hope some of you knows wha'ts happening


EDIT : New infos : On my TR3 game launched via steam, there is writen "DgVoodoo" in the low right corner of the screen. And I don't know why but this fix made it 99% impossible to kill snakes, lara misses every of her shots... Maybe this information will be useful for you?

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