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Originally Posted by Clara [CA] View Post
If you have the names of the magazines, maybe we can ask around ? It would be worth to try
The only hints l have are a pull out supplement on the Core games from an early Edge magazine, this contained screenshots. An article in a Die Hard GameFans magazine about the Jaguar which included interviews with some of the Core Design people, who mentioned the systems Tomb raider was coming out on. And an article possibly from a CES show about new/upcoming games for different systems that mentioned the Jag version of Tomb Raider.

All pretty vague, no dates or issue numbers, not that scans from Edge are that easy to get anyway.

Edit - Another little piece of Tomb Raider history, from May 1996 we have this glimpse from Electronic Gaming Monthly 082. Some might recognise part of an early intro FMV in one of these pics. (Please do not provide any links to the footage though, as it is currently not allowed on the forum)

Again thanks to for scanning the magazine.

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