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Originally Posted by Anajrob View Post
There are scans with her clotes off!? j/k

Where did you find the scans you posted!? Do you have those old magazines?
Unfortunately l have hardly any magazines myself, l already posted mine ages ago, the ones above came from file sharing sites, as usual l am to late and most are gone now. But l am still looking.

Originally Posted by kill bill View Post
Did you not see the video I posted then got banned for a week Also in the scan u posted above the guns were in the 1993 beta test version along with the braid and the glasses I posted
Kill Bill l have seen all the video's, your ill advised post was not the first to mention them either. l can assure you there was no 1993 beta test version of Tomb Raider, in fact l do not even think Toby Gard the one who came up with the concept for the game worked at Core in 1993.
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