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Originally Posted by Earthcane View Post

How did Eckhardt escape his confinement??

Awesome finds, Aussie! You Rock!
Core were a bit vague about how Eckhardt escaped but l believe in 1945 Castle Kriegler was hit during a bombardment, Eckhardt was freed after spending 500 years in the containment pit. The explosion removed two of the Periapt shards that were keeping him confined, he escaped with the third.

This was also in the concept art, perhaps an early version of the Nephilim statue, holding a sword. We saw a similar very large statue in the Wrath of the Beast level. This statue bears some likeness to bahomet, looking into the possible connection with bahomet can lead to all sorts of theories.

Originally Posted by Angel_14 View Post
Okay, this might be a a wild question, but who the hell he is?! I have a guess, but...

Thanks for the scans Aussie!
The picture of the young man who is wearing the traditional Lux Veritatis garb is a mystery, l doubt it is Kurtis as he bears a message, who would Kurtis be taking a message to? Likely this is how the Lux Veritatis used to dress back when Eckhardt was first imprisoned.

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