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Originally Posted by leglion View Post
I think vimeo is more geared towards education and it has a better interface than you tube. I dunno, I like it better. Plus it doesn't ruin video quality.
Actually, with the right software, you can upload HD videos on Youtube. Several of mine are HD. If anyone needs someone to re-render their videos in HD, I'm a PM away. EDIT: ^I agree. You can get away with certain music, but most labels make the video unavailable in european countries the most (seriously, of all my videos that infringe on copyright with their music, three are banned in Spain, two in France and all of them are banned in Germany... it's really annoying). Still, I think Youtube's better because quite a few members here have channels, therefore, they'd be more likely to see the vids. (If this vid-tutorial idea goes ahead).
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