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Originally Posted by DJ Full View Post
And I have some triggers in my project. All of them in form of LEVER_SWITCH. You can throw this object backwards and forwards. I am looking for a script way to do a one-shot (and blocking the possibility to throw the switch backwards), because I already hit the object limit in these rooms and I can't place pink triggers. I assume this has to do something with disabling certain StateIDs?
The easiest way is to move the LEVER_SWITCH close to a wall so that Lara can't flip it back

If that isn't possible you can trigger any switch via GT, no floor trigger necessary:
  • Put everything you want to trigger with your switch in a TG (that will be triggered by the GT)
  • Delete floor triggers incl. switch trigger on the switch's square, not needed anymore
  • Create another TG with just one condition testing the switch's state-id (Usually 1=switch is on, but some switches have inverse state-ids, I'd check wadmerger first using c22. Use this condition as GT_CONDITION_GROUP. Something like this:

    ;Set Trigger Type - CONDITION 22
    ; Exporting: CONDITION(22:60) for OBJECT(21)
    ; <#> : LEVER_SWITCH               ID 21     in sector (8,8) of ScorpRoom
    ; <&> : Creature. Current State Id of <#>creature is (E)State Id
    ; (E) : StateId=    1
    ; Values to add in script command: $9000, 21, $116
Think outside the box in a way that you need Lara's binoculars to see the box.

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