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the problem is a bit deeper. There are SEVERAL switches in a SINGLE slot, and they all open the same door. I already did everything You advised, in the previous version of my level, plus: I repeated that particular StateID condition for every single switch, to form a condition group.

The problem was: when I made a second triggergroup, and third (for other series of triggers, put in other places), the door kept opening BEFORE all switches were pressed. Another time when I think there's a TRNG bug, making values of different triggers of the same kind interfere or add to each other.

This is why, in present version of my level, I decided to try variables. Now pressing a switch should cause 1-unit incremental increase of variable value - I mean:

switch1 on -> variable = 1
switch2 on -> variable = 1+1=2
switch3 on -> variable = 2+1=3
switch4 on -> variable = 3+1=4

and so on.

When the value equals critical, the door opens. This way I don't need so many arguments and trigger interference would be less likely to happen.

So we have two setups: old (TG one) and new (variable). I'll test your FGT_SINGLE_SHOT and examine it in both cases... However, in the second case it might not override adding a value when a player throws the switch back and forth... I'll check if it does, but I'm rather looking for some batch solution, to treat all those triggers as a single event (and remove disturbing lines from the script). All those switches are all in the same slot, so maybe setting slot as selected item would help. I never touched this side of scripting, so I might write nonsense though.
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