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@Titak: yes, that's it. I think that even if these two fog bugs are different, they are of the same nature.

@Dustie: we've tried to acquire source code back in 2003, when first TREP versions were released, as far as I remember, Core/Eidos replied with something like "no, it's too precious, we're gonna to sell this engine some more". Since everything is changed in the past few years - first, Core's closure and rise of Crystal Dynamics, then Square merging thing... Maybe it's time for another try?

@Heinz: It seems as another leftover from PSX-PC port. Every time you will now encounter such "black opaque sprites", it means that this sprite type wasn't properly reprogrammed from PSX version to PC version. Looks like on PSX blend subtype 3 was used for all "darkness" sprites, incl. shadows, footsteps, black smoke and fadeins/fadeouts. On PC version it is used only for fadeouts and standard octagonal shadows.
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