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Originally Posted by Aurimas View Post
Maybe it was in this street? Together with this.

Another interesting thing is that we did not explore whole Vasily. Vasily also has some more windows from the outside.
So Margot Carvier's Apartment was supposed to be in the Derelict Apartment Block building? Hmm I wonder what made them change its location.

Oh my god! This is why the police finds Lara in the first level. Because Carvier sent them there. See it could be that we were meant to visit Carvier in that building in the first floor, the door to the left that doesn't open. Then Carvier calls the police, we exit her apartment, we go upstairs because of the smoke bomb (or we fight the police instead), go through Industrial Rooftops and in the end, instead of falling in that dumpster, Lara falls inside the old train. The one in Parisian Ghetto. This could be something to consider!
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