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Originally Posted by KIKO View Post
So Margot Carvier's Apartment was supposed to be in the Derelict Apartment Block building? Hmm I wonder what made them change its location.

Oh my god! This is why the police finds Lara in the first level. Because Carvier sent them there. See it could be that we were meant to visit Carvier in that building in the first floor, the door to the left that doesn't open. Then Carvier calls the police, we exit her apartment, we go upstairs because of the smoke bomb (or we fight the police instead), go through Industrial Rooftops and in the end, instead of falling in that dumpster, Lara falls inside the old train. The one in Parisian Ghetto. This could be something to consider!
Yeah That's always irked me a little, the way the flow doesn't seem right. Industrial Rooftops coming after Cavier's Apartment always made more sense to me even when I first played it. In fact I think (I can't check right now) in the playstation, using the code to access the level list, Industrial DOES come after Carvier. I don't know why that should be - if it means anything or not.

Obviously the first level is the first level (?), but it is confusing to make what appears to be a circle - escape from apartments (in cutscene - was that Von Croy's apartment block right there? My mind is fuzzy, and I know we're playing a flashback for the first part of the game), backstreets, more apartments, rooftops, then more apartments (Carvier's) and randomly waking up in a train. Also that back section of Carvier's being explorable/interactable, but never actually used in gameplay or cutscene, makes me wonder if there were orginally two ways out.
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