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It also really bugs me that Industrial Rooftops came after Carviers Apartment. But, on the other side, when Lara falls of the roof into a bin, she reads a paper with probably Carviers adress..

This is what originally was planned for the start of the game;

'Early Events at Von Croy's Apartment.

- Lara argues with Von Croy.
- Von Croy is incoherent with fear and waving a gun about. Lara picks up a torn fax with a symbol on it.
- During the confusion Lara gets struck on the head from behind. There are gunshots.
- Eckhardt 'takes care' of Von Croy.
- The gunshots have alerted the neighbors who call the police.
- People are banging on the doors Eckhardt exits.
- Lara is concussed. She exits just ahead of the police but gets ID'd.
- She makes it to the street.
- Start of the game with Lara in the courtyard'
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