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Thanks! I just can't understand what's going on with BSP tree code, as it's too hard to understand for me! But TeslaRus have even more complicated things in mind to do, so expect something more cool in the near future!

As for me... I have finally fixed a bug which disturbed me since the very beginning! If you remember, OpenTomb sometimes corrupts certain meshes in level, particularly it's noticeable in advanced custom levels, like Josep Borrut's "A witch shall be born". Instead of columns and architecture pieces there were trashed skybox meshes, binocular graphics, and other ridiculous stuff. Today I finally found time and realized that level parser wrongly increased mesh pointer for each mesh in entity, which was wrong for dublicated mesh indexes. So, changed two lines of code, and now that great Josep Borrut's level loads perfectly!

You can test it with last SF commit, but note that animated textures code is still messed up.
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