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Originally Posted by James_Rutland View Post
They're saying that while it is beautiful, he/she is not that impressed because the games before it were beautiful too and the rest of the game isn't looking very innovative.
That's what I thought but it doesn't make sense to me, yes the Uncharted games were beautiful for their time and for being on the PS3 but they look terrible compared to Uncharted 4 just look at the comparison above, Nate looks like a freaking doll in Uncharted 3.

Also people need to remember that U4 is still in pre-alpha and ND will try to push it to 60fps, I don't know about you but i've never seen a game look this good in pre-alpha.

There's a difference between the art style and graphics, not being a fan of the art style is fine by me but Uncharted 4 is pushing so much tech it's silly to call it unimpressive.

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