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Originally Posted by Peterstar101 View Post
I feel like that'd be near impossible to incorporate a lot of the original concepts from the documents, they either didn't finish (or even start) the environments/dialogue etc.
True, maybe the unused and recorded lines?
(or even if he can do it, then some pedestrian in the streets...)
We'll see, when it's finished.

Originally Posted by Alex Fly View Post
I was wondering about it too. If the finished version of the project is available to download without requiring at least the original game to work then he might be in trouble with them.
I don't know about their TRLE only policy but I heard about it previously. Hopefully they'd still allow other tools to be used as long as it's not a full free release of a new version of the game.
Well, until it's a fanmade project, made with a free program, (or accesible for the public for money) I guess for free, there shouldn't be any problem.

Maybe if someone ask Meagan, or someone who works with CD or SE ...the can say something.
And anyway...I doubt it they care with a fanmade project, in the middle of the Rise of the TR.(Or even AoD was released in was the worst selling title in the, I guess he can do his work...)

@ FreakRaider
It's awesome, what you do for the TR community!
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