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Originally Posted by Zsott View Post
True, maybe the unused and recorded lines?
(or even if he can do it, then some pedestrian in the streets...)
We'll see, when it's finished.

Well, until it's a fanmade project, made with a free program, (or accesible for the public for money) I guess for free, there shouldn't be any problem.

Maybe if someone ask Meagan, or someone who works with CD or SE ...the can say something.
And anyway...I doubt it they care with a fanmade project, in the middle of the Rise of the TR.(Or even AoD was released in was the worst selling title in the, I guess he can do his work...)

@ FreakRaider
It's awesome, what you do for the TR community!
Ask them and you are sending this project to the grave to be honest. The longer people stay silent, the higher the chances this doesn't get a C&D order.

Originally Posted by SKing View Post
The big problem here is he extracted the models and is creating a game with them, I don't think SE would allow something like that. I remeber Tomb Raider Memories had permission by SE, but that game used a original Lara Croft model.
It mostly used an original model. It still had the TRU face, arms and hands. So that's why not SE allowed it tbh. I think it was just because TRM focused on classic tomb raiding and SE considered it "outdated" and since the reboot was being hyped as hell, they did not consider it a threat.

It might be different to a free and better version of a game they own though, let's not forget that. It might be AOD, but SE is not a all forgiving when it comes to their babies.
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