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I am just in Chapter 3, with the cleaner robot. Just started, in the morning I will try what you say. (Not that previous chapters, mostly Chapter 2 are 100 % clear for me...)


How can I reach/call the memory zone fields (named in TRNG.dll triggers) in the source files?
Later, if I am not such a dumb of DLL making (I hope it happens...), then I'd like to make functions/triggers with them, not using TRNG.dll triggers. (One reason: I don't want to use those Local/Global Alfa/Beta variables with them, but customized variables. No way to do that with exported TRNG.dll triggers.)

I mean, literally. I need the exact identification of these fields. Paolone tells something in the triggers.htm, but I don't get it. And that surely doesn't identify the fields, just the route.

AODfan, I suspect what your reason is. You probably have installed in NG Center the complete plugin of the cleaner robot, made for Paolone's tutorial project. Uninstall it.

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