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It's not texture bleeding, if you turn off bilinear filtering the problem is still there. It's either a bug in TRC or someone's hand must have slipped when cutting textures in AnimEdit. It's of one pixel size so the second option seems most plausible.

Now Joey's problem is of a completely different nature. In case of Joey it seems TRViewer reads textures in a wrong way, resulting it cropped edges of every texture. Because of that Lara's model feels unfinished/halfbaked while infact it is only because of TRViewer's faulty rendering.

In this picture there is a comparison of how texture should be rendered and how they are rendered. WADMerger shows textures more correctly, which is especially visible on Lara's face. TRViewer crops textures and because of that her face looks wrong. The difference is quite obvious if you compare lip textures.

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