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Default Does anyone prefer this to Rise?

So I went back and played a fair bit of Rise last week, and tonight I was oddly in the mood for some reboot since it has been sometime since I played it, and I was surprised at how much more I enjoy it than I did Rise. Now a little disclaimer here for anyone whos seen my usual posts, Im one of the bigger critics of the reboot trilogy, but what a lot of people dont realize is that even though I make fun of them and criticize them harshly, I still enjoy them and like a lot about them.

I was shocked at how Id forgotten how much I enjoy the reboot. Laura is as whiny as ever, but she is grounded and she feels a lot more likable and believable than she does it Rise. Her excitement for adventure still comes through given the circumstances and you can tell she still loves thrill seeking activities because of the reference Roth makes of them climbing Snowdon together, I really love all the little references that are made about Roth and Lauras adventures together, it makes Laura more believable hearing of all these little stories and accomplishments shes made at such an early age. Shes really smart and I love all the moments of her telling some piece of history about the island, Idk something about her passion for knowledge comes through in this game so much more than it did in Rise, I find that these little pieces of her humanity are lost in Rise and she feels a lot less human and a lot more flat, boring, and over serious in Rise. Laura was too much of a self-righteous super hero in Rise for my liking.

The gameplay is also nice and simple. The addition of crafting in Rise was so obnoxious, while I was playing Rise I wasnt scavenging trees or bushes for everything like I did on my first run so I almost never had arrows because of this, it was frustrating how much they forced the crafting on us to where it felt like a chore just to make arrows. Speaking of chores, The documents and relics are much more interesting here as well, Meanwhile in Rise youd stake 4 steps and trip over 7 different scrolls and documents that were a book long of some monk droning on about the prophet or something, they were so boring and lacked the character and intrigue reboots documents had.

The music in reboot is also a lot more memorable, Rise soundtrack was so uninteresting I hardly ever even knew its playing. The supporting characters in reboot are super cliche, predictable and stiff as a board, but damn it if theyre still not more fun than anyone was in Rise, everyone in Rise was such an over serious stick in the mud. Himiko was much more compelling than the divine sauce was and just Yamatai itself was more of an interesting character than Siberia was.

But Ive been rambling for long enough, what do you think Reboot did better than Rise? Id love to hear your guys thoughts.

(Also, the multiplayer was a janky mess but it was fun and no one can convince me otherwise!)
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