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I'm on the fence on which reboot game is worse (I personally don't enjoy either for the vast majority of them)

Slightly better story since it doesn't have an equivalent to Konstatine's stigmata, but the cutscene direction is still really bad (Such has the people who knock her out pretty much teleportation at certain times, like at the Bridge with Matthais) and Lara should have been dead with all the completely implausible injuries she survives, plus Matthias captures her 4 freaking times but doesnt kill her, despite him even TELLING the Solarii to kill her in a previous attempt.

Rise isn't trying very hard to be edgy with all the blood 'n guts and the brown and grey colour palette.

Blood ties from Rise is the only actually TR-ish section in the entire reboot so far which is a shame as the translation puzzle was great and something the series needs more of

But the combat in Rise is way worse with the really unbalanced skills, the game breaking bandages that overcompensate for there being no reliable way to avoid damage and the Fact that enemy variety is even worse, with those trinity Spec ops guys (who are pretty much just grenadiers with guns) showing up in most encounters, at least in 2013 you would have to prioritise killing the grenadiers first instead they basically just give regular soldiers them, so now the gameplay is about getting grenade-spammed, plus the entire weapon variant system is pointless as why trade your assault rifle for a slower more powerful bolt action when the AI still predictably constantly sticks out of the same piece cover in the same way for an easy headshot.

I could not give a single about any of the Endurance crew and actually hoped Roth would die to his "SUBTLE" Foreshadowing of what would have been the games finale had the devs not changed because some play testers whined it wasn't satisfying,Reyes was also annoying due to being a black stereotype with the notes throwing in an explanation (and nothing else for her) for that, that just made her seem like a completely unlikable person to me who I also wanted to die a horrible death while in Rise I actually liked Jacob, too bad he's wasted due to the way his interactions with Lara go, his backstory on how he misled his people isn't gone into and I wish we had a Lara that resisted his persuasion about the Divine source more.

So I'm not really sure which I would say is better.
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