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you, my friend, have what me and my colleagues here consider "taste".

no but forreal anyone can see tr2013 is a much better game than rise. all that rise has got going for it is prettier graphics but that should be a given considering that it's a sequel.

as others (specifically kapu) have said, tr2013 has a lot of faults too, especially in the storytelling department, but it still feels like a product of love and passion. it's fun, it's extremely well paced, it's interesting, all of it feels important (while a lot of rise feels like pure filler) and i know i've said it before but it's fun. a lot of fun.

it'll always have a special place in my heart, although i do expect (and hope for) shadow to be the best entry in the trilogy.

Originally Posted by maikaal View Post
Rise lost me when at one point it started feeling like Skyrim with running around a village with lots of NPCs.
i swear 90% of the game is lara going "how can i helP jEycab" and it feels so useless and futile and there's no reason why you should care about jacob and his lying ass. his people are annoying as hell too.

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Above all, I could not care less about Lara's stupid ass dad.
making this my sig hope you don't mind

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