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Originally Posted by Yeauxleaux View Post
Indian temples generally are very "cluttered", replete with rich religous carvings and iconography, but I do notice one thing as a constructive criticism; there's something about that irregular stonework between the columns that resembles Andean architecture way more than South Asian.

It would work fairly well if you were re-mastering TR1's Peru levels, but for India I think large but regular (albeit worn and ruined-looking sure) stone blocks would look a bit more accurate, probably laid flat so they're longer than they are tall, with ornate carvings in many places (although aaalll the carvings might look a little too busy and be extremely time-consuming for you to attempt realistically re-creating that here).

On the columns you got it absolutely perfect, that looks like a real Hindu temple, it's the walls in between that could use a little update.

See here - even when the temples are old and quite ruined, you can see the stones are fairly regular in size and shape, they don't tend to haphazardously throw rocks of vaying shapes and sizes right next to eachother like the Inca did;
That temple of the loading Screen picture is the original, but I used some filters to do an upscale and applied some texture over it to look a better...

But I was not happy with the result, I looked too blurred.

So I made another temple combining some images that resemble more of what you are saying...

Also I replace the monkey with a HD picture...


but at the moment this is the result:

Tell me what you think... I'll do some improvements on the left side of the temple and on the ground...
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