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Originally Posted by Amunet View Post
I completely agree with you. The names "Lara Croft" and "Tomb Raider" come with certain expectations no matter how much they insist on "forget everything you know". I would certainly be able to enjoy the Reboot character a lot more if she wasn't called Lara Croft.
You could also enjoy her a lot more if you accepted that she's a new different version of Lara Croft, like there were in the past, and like there will be in the future.

"Certain Expectations" are down to each individual. I didn't have those expectations when I was told it would be a complete reboot. As a long fan of the Tomb Raider, I enjoyed and aproved the changes and new take, Which one of us is right in this instance?

Originally Posted by Tombraider95 View Post
If CD had made a new IP, by now Tomb Raider could be in someone else's hands. That could have happened.
No it could not. TR was put in CDs hands for a reason - it stopped working with its old formula, and stopped being profitable. Their first attempt kept it pretty familiar, in a modernized way, and it also didn't work. They did something more drastic then, and it did work.
Turning the reboot into a new IP would only result in the TR brand being shelved, nothing else.
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