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Originally Posted by Vaskito View Post
No, it stopped working in Core's formula.
What? No it didn't. I'm not sure where you get this from.

TR2 was a step up from TR1. TR4 was another step up and AOD would have been a huge jump as well. But AOD didn't fail because of the formula, it failed because it wasn't finished.

EDIT: And don't reply with that cliche source of TR sales with the bars getting shorter, please.

Originally Posted by Vaskito View Post

And then naturally adding back elements in interesting and modernized ways.
Hardly. We didn't get proper swimming until the 3rd Reboot game, whereas TR1/Legend had it from the get go.

Originally Posted by Vaskito View Post
I was simply pointing out that I think it would not make any difference to you for them to creating a new IP instead of rebooting the franchise.
Well I was correcting you. Like I already said:

Yes. Let's say the franchise was called "Survivor". It had the same basic story as TR2013, but had it's own female character, I'd be a lot less bothered.
Sweetheart, being gay is the best excuse you'll ever have for not being boring.

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