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Originally Posted by Tombraider95 View Post
What? No it didn't. I'm not sure where you get this from.

TR2 was a step up from TR1. TR4 was another step up and AOD would have been a huge jump as well. But AOD didn't fail because of the formula, it failed because it wasn't finished.

EDIT: And don't reply with that cliche source of TR sales with the bars getting shorter, please.
Hm, sales is what determines if something is working or not. No company makes games just for the heck of it. And in classic case, there was a huge drop from game 4 onwards.

Originally Posted by Tombraider95 View Post
Well I was correcting you. Like I already said:
I still think it doesn't make sense. It makes sense for you to not like it, it's normal. But feeling bothered why? It's not their fault classic TR stopped being commercially successful. For all you care, TR died after X game pre-reboot - it doesn't mean they shouldn't make new games with their vision like the did, which even ended up bringing more fans to the franchise
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