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Originally Posted by Vaskito View Post
I still think it doesn't make sense. It makes sense for you to not like it, it's normal. But feeling bothered why? It's not their fault classic TR stopped being commercially successful. For all you care, TR died after X game pre-reboot - it doesn't mean they shouldn't make new games with their vision like the did, which even ended up bringing more fans to the franchise
Because they feel like a different title with the name slapped on it?

and IMO an incredibly bland triple A shooter that if I wanted (Which I don't) I got have got anywhere else.

infact if TR just died after AOD, at least there would be a chance of a faithful remake/Reboot, Like what THQ is doing with it's IPs, it could come back eventually in that situation.

I would not have picked up 2013/Rise if they were an original IP because all the previews put me off, it was only several years after they came out that I picked them up simply because I really wanted TR to be back and just hoped my initial negativity was a knee-jerk reaction and I really wanted to give crystal another chance since they made LAU, which is why I picked up Rise.
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