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From what I've heard from people who got their hands on the game behind closed doors, every avenger character's gameplay sounds alright...except Black Widow. Not only she's lacking in the visual aspect, she's also lacking in gameplay. Yikes... Maybe that's why Hawkeye is nowhere to be seen because those two don't have special powers like the others they can get creative with. Unless they went with the 'safe' route again and not take risk in making crazy abilities. Idk, I don't trust CD to respect the source material after TR. Plus, they even said "The game was THEIR take on the franchise." which rang a familiar tone.

I see the derpy and jerky fast movements is back as per usual from CD's games. It seems to be a thing for that dev ever since Legend and gotten worse in Underworld. Why is it so hard for them to animate proper movements at a normal speed? They got butt loads of profit from the reboot trilogy and still use outdated stuff. Something's smells.
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