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Talking TR1 Tool Assisted Speedrun

Hello everyone

I've been working on a glitched TAS of Tomb Raider 1, for those who don't know, "Tool Assisted" means a sequence of inputs designed by the author of the TAS (in this case, me) to complete a game as fast as possible, usually created by playing in a rerecording emulator with tools such as frame advance, slowdowns, savestates, and memory watch.

In other words, it's playing the game in a special emulator with special tools such as frame advance and savestates and watching memory values (such as speed and position etc..) to achieve perfect gameplay.

There's already a TR1 TAS that was made by Lapogne36 and is the current publication on TASvideos, but new strats and timesavers were found since then, making it outdated.

Some technical details:

Movement speed:
Running: 47
Standing jumps: 50
Rolling: 50 (gets gradually lower and the end of the animation untill it reaches 0 when the animation is finished)
Swimming: 50
Sliding on slopes: 50
Running jump: 75

As you can see, the running jump is by far the fastest way to move, to the point where it is often better to take a seemingly non-optimal trajectory in order to make one more jump instead of running.
Pistols damage: 1 (per gun)
Shotgun damage: ~18 (depends on range)
Magnums damage: 2 (per gun)
Uzis damage: 1 (per gun)
taken from Lapogne36's Tomb Raider 1 TASvideos submission

Currently I'm finishing up the Lost Valley!

Here's the progress so far:

note: the ending has been improved and 2 frames have been saved

City of Vilcabamba

Lost Valley

Tomb of Qualopec

Peru area done!

St. Francis' Folly

oh god these lions at the end took way too much time


Palace Midas

The Cistern

Tomb of Tihocan

City of Khamoon

Obelisk of Khamoon

Sanctuary of the Scion

my god these Atlanteans..

Natla's Mines


The Great Pyramid

For more info, here's the TASVideos submission:

Total time is 45:32!
Hope you enjoy watching this, it definitely was a fun ride making it
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