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Originally Posted by Famicom View Post
Tenerife is well known for its Tenerife Symphony Orchestra, kind of "specialized" in film music. Also, Tenerife holds the international festival of film music aka Fimucité every year, which usually takes place in September, so who knows if they will make the Tomb Raider Suite concert fit somewhere within that festival.

I don't know, does it make sense?
It makes sense from the technical/professional point of view, but he's not gonna sell enough tickets to make it worth since the people in the peninsula will hardly take a plane to a remote island in the coast of Africa having DOZENS of suitable orchestras and halls in the peninsula for it. Most musical events in Spain take place at big cities like Madrid, Bilbao and Barcelona. Tenerife is too far for anyone that doesn't live it in. It's gonna be a ruin.
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