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I agree with you. Square is piss poor at managing their western IP. Shadow was clearly a game that needed an extra 6 months in the oven; look at how much polish it lacks. The older animations and all the reused assets really showed that the game was a bit of a rush job. Eidos Montreal themselves stated they only worked on the game for 2 years. That's too little time!

All of Square's western properties have been struggling as of late due to poor management from higher ups. Just Cause 4's PC release was rushed and broken and was in no state for launch. The game itself also had various downgrades in the graphical department from it's predecessor. Deus Ex: Mankind divided was forcefully cut in half because Square wanted a sequel for quick cash. Look where that got the series; it's now shelved for who knows how long!

Let's not forget the famous exclusivity deal
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