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I think that Square Enix doesn't seem to care all that much for their Western IPs if I'm being honest.

They spent tons of money on TR2013 to promote it, and they did a really good job. Not to mention that five years had passed since Underworld, the largest time gap in between releases for the series, so people were hungry for a new game so that worked in their favour. But when the game didn't reach their ridiculous sales mark they stopped trying as hard with the next two games.

It's almost as if they just need TR to stay afloat while they make Final Fantasy and those Disney Final Fantasy spinoff games.

Look at the remake of Final Fantasy VII, they've been making it for a thousand years. I wish they gave as much love and attention to Tomb Raider.. Even if it meant waiting a thousand years to play the next game in both franchises!

They could also take more advantage of the Lara Croft side series. They're doing okay so far with it but I feel like they can do more.
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