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Originally Posted by Tomb Raidering View Post
Tomb of Tihocan is my fav (and most replayed level) of TRA right after The Lost Valley.

• Pierre and Lara’s exchange (“Oh mademoiselle, don’t be absurd! No job is worth dying for.” ~ “Yes, it is!”)

• The epic bossfight (Not optional like TR1 and there’s some puzzle mechanic implemented to it [reflecting the petrifying gazes with sheilds]. {It is very easy, you just need to master the adrenaline dodge.}

• Cistern and Tomb of Tihocan from TR1 combined. Thank god!

• The Scion vision. Better than TR1

All Valid points, but so much was cut from Tihocans original level in TRA that makes me question why cut so much? They weren't boring by any means they had their own style being subterranean levels.

TOT was a simple level in the remake but i miss the challenge it presented in the original from the lions, monkeys, spikes, sliding doors & a swinging axe. Still a great level but i don't think it can be held in as high regard to the original. But each to their own.

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