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I'm like whatever. I guess it's because of how RE2R played out and I see this doing the same.
Random thoughts...

- Brad is ugly.
- Mikhail looks like Bill from L4D
- Do not like Carlos's voice
- Not liking the script/dialogue, like RE2R it does not fit the situation
- Jill's outfit is just how I thought it would be
- Not feeling Jill's VA, like someone said it's too high
- Love Jill's Classic outfit but Carlos looks like Enrico without the mustache
- The city looks basic and linear

Originally Posted by Daft Raider View Post
Also LMAO @ Capcom bundling Project Resistance in with RE3, they knew no one was going to buy it on it's own.
Exactly and people commenting like "oh that was your plan all along". Really? Of course they wanted this to be a solo project.
They've only thrown it into RE3R because of the negative response and I guess they did not want to waste their efforts.
Plus they'll still be able to sell stupid add-ons for those people that will enjoy it. I won't be surprised if they cut mercenaries mode or some other extra mode related to RE3 because of it.
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