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Originally Posted by redfox45 View Post
I'm loving the fact that they replaced her little skirt.

If anything I wish they went way further and totally overhauled her outfit.
It's a last desperate attempt to escape Racoon City and she's a member of the special forces. Is that the most appropriate thing she she had in her wardrobe?

Lemmie see something akin to what Ada was wearing in Assignment Ada (RE4) now THATS some DLC I'd fork out for.
Same, idk about full on tactical gear, but I would like Jill being apart of stars/police to be reflected more in her outfit.

I would've had Jill wear a white zip up hoodie over her blue tube top with a little stars logo on the breast or the back of the sweat shirt. (with her taking off the hoodie later) I would've also added Jill's badge hanging from her neck like you sometimes see detectives wear. I think that would've been a cool "modernized" design that still keeps her connected with her old outfit and with stars, while making her appear a bit more prepared.
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