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Originally Posted by Jorje Croft View Post
Okaaayyyyy... o.O
Originally Posted by TRExpertgamer View Post
We wouldn't even be grieving about it if this game was ever properly finished during that period.
Right, I guess...
You're absolutely right about that. But Core Design had the inauspicious time to get this game finished properly unfortunately.
Right about what? That Core was as guilty as Eidos (Iím pretty sure that you Ďdidnít getí TR1249ís post)? If so, yes. Sony isnít to blame here. Core didnít want to evolve. And no, they didnít plan LAU-like controls ever in the gameís development. They had exactly the same Classic control scheme with the D-pad, and thatís what Sony rejected, which they had the right to.
Originally Posted by TR1249 View Post
Those aren't rumors tho but keep on living in your world, where Core never did anything wrong
Facts, sweetie... ^.~
Must be a way to free another cart.
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